The LXDE Pre-seed  

 How to easili install a lightweight desktop with full functionality out of the box



LXDE is a new light-weight desktop based on the  Openbox WM and PCManFM file manager. LXDE desktop installs the lxde package, which includes these plus Leafpad, GPicview, and XArchiver.

In addition, I've installed:

  • Kazehakase (Light browser)
  • Iceweasel (Full browser)
  • MPlayer (Movie player)
  • Audacious and plugins (Music player)
  • Pidgin (IM)
  • Flash
  • Java
  • Codecs
  • Non-free archives

Let me know about missing fuctionality, but remember that this is a light-weight desktop.

System Recommendations

  • Disk Space: 10GB or more (actual install ~900MB)
  • CPU: 200MHz Pentium MMX
  • RAM: 128MB

The system may be operable with less.

Demo Video

Click to view a demo video.


Download and Try It Now!

Download the preseed.iso file.

Brave? Try the Sid pre-seed .iso. 


Instructions for installing can be found here.

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