D2D server

 An easy server for the home.

Concept and function

The D2D server works as follows:

  1. Functions as "Print Server" "File Server" and "Web Server" using tasksel.
  2. Shares the following folders inside /home using Apache2 and WebDAV. The shares are announced using Avahi/Zeroconf.
    1. Documents/
    2. Music/
    3. Videos/
    4. Pictures/
    5. Backups/
  3. Operates a DAAP server which shares the files in the Music/ directory to any Rhythmbox clients on the network with no configuration.
  4. Caches files installed from the network to limit bandwidth use.
  5. The Backup/ directory can be used by a graphical backup application located on the client. The client decides what and how often to back up.

In the future, I want to share the videos the same way I'm sharing music. I'd also like to install eGroupware, have working LDAP, and keep the user homes on the server.

Download and Install

First, make sure your server is running Lenny or Sid. Etch or Ubuntu will not work. The hostname should be debian.local for the apt cache to work. A clean install is the only thing I've tested on, and the Apache default configuration file is replaced, so don't use this on a production server or anything. I'm having trouble getting the shares to work anywhere except on the default port, but I'm working on it. I intend for future versions to be more robust.

Anyway, install gdebi and use that to install the d2dserver.deb located at the bottom of .

You shouldn't need to do anything else. If you open a Network browser before you start the install, you should see the shares immediately after the install finishes.

Oh, yeah, and this 0,05 release is likely to destroy your machine and burn down your house. Good luck.

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